Welcome to Glitz Wellness Spa– where the quality and the number of treatments offered makes it distinctive! Our unique therapies helps release stress and promotes healing. Therapy’s has been developed specifically for improving the physical and emotional health of the individuals. The massage stimulates circulation, lymphatic flow, and releases blockages to make it easier to become active. There are numerous treatments you can choose, all the way from lomi loni or aromatherapy massage to the muscle tendon detox therapy, or slimming massage; from a hydro therapy experience to Ayurvedic body care, from a hair spa to nail spa. Whatever treatments you choose, the results are palpable. You feel better!!—and you are healthier. With a taste of what’s offered, guests often leave us with plans firmly in mind for their next visit.

We welcome you to discover the magic for yourself! Therapy’s Offered at our Day –

Lomi-Lomi Therapy
Sweedish Therapy
Japaneese Therapy
Aroma Body Therapy
Balnase Therapy
Thai Therapy
Anti-cellulite Therapy
De-stress Therapy
Body polishing and so on…

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