One in 10 children and one in three adults suffer from chronic asthma. An acute asthma attack is caused by inflammation in the airways of the lungs, causing contraction and narrowing of the airways (bronchioles), restricting airflow and making breathing very difficult.

Chronic asthma is a lung condition characterized by frequent asthma attacks and requiring medical management to prevent and minimize acute attacks. Other possible causes of asthma in vulnerable individuals include allergic reactions to dietary substances like wheat, dairy products, chocolate, nuts, preservatives and other chemical food and beverage additives.

Asthma attacks may also be brought on by pollen, house dust mites, tobacco smoke, feathers and other allergens. Even a temperature change, or the cold morning air, can cause broncho spasm and increase the likelihood of an attack. In some individuals, anxiety and stress can precipitate an asthma attack and are therefore a contributory factor.

There is a strong hereditary link and asthma can often be seen to ‘run in families’.
Naturopaths and homeopaths recognize that immune system functioning can play a vital role in helping to control the symptoms of asthma and strengthen the body’s defenses against environmental allergens.

Treatment at Dr. Devisetty’s Healing Touch :
Conventional Western medicine deals with asthma treatment via a combination of inhalers, anti-inflammatory medication, bronchodilators and even steroids. While conventional medical treatment may sometimes be necessary, there are some definite limitations, including side effects, as well as negative effects on immune system functioning – thereby leading to more asthma attacks and reduced resistance to allergens.

Herbal and homeopathic asthma treatment can be extremely effective. Depending on the severity of the asthma, they can reduce or eliminate the need for the synthetic drugs and inhalers. They can also be safely used to complement conventional treatment of asthma.

Used as part of a wider, holistic lifestyle management, herbal and homeopathic medicines can bring significant relief to sufferers of asthma without the side effects or other complications that often accompany conventional drugs.

Treatment can be done to:-
• Improve respiratory functioning and health
• Reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks
• Reduce allergic reactions
• Ensure strong immune system functioning
• Reduce respiratory problems and asthma linked to stress and anxiety
• Relax bronchioles and prevent bronchospasms

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