About Homeopathy

There are over 2000 medicines in Homeopathy and are prepared from wide range of natural sources. Over 75% of the medicines origin largely from flower, roots and vegetable juice. Certain chemicals and minerals are also used to prepare these medicines. The methodology applied in the making of homeopathic medicines is unique and revolutionary. The homeopathic medicine selected for the patients is administered in very small doses. For the last 200 years thousands of homeopaths from world over have acknowledged that homeopathy medicines even in the smallest form has worked on millions of patients worldwide.

Please read more about homeopathy. Dr. Devisetty’s healing touch prescribes medicines imported from Bioforce A.G. Switzerland which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of super quality homeopathic medicines.

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Hair Loss Therapy
Skincare Therapy
Anxiety Therapy
Respiratory Therapy (Asthma)
Arthritis Therapy
Irritable Therapy
Backaches Therapy
Overweight Therapy
Sexual Disorders
Other Ailments

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